Who We Are

B2T Digital, LLC. is a full service digital consulting firm based in Kansas City.

The founding partners share a combined 20+ years of experience advancing local and national brands online.

Established in 2011, B2T Digital meets the growing need of businesses to integrate not just their offline and online presence but also to integrate across the many (and expanding) digital platforms.

To be most effective a business’s website, social media, mobile, content, and advertising should be integrated and have a shared purpose and plan.

What we aren’t however is a digital agency with silos of people specializing in specific limited areas (your typical “web guy” or “social media expert”). That type of approach is not only expensive for businesses, it also isn’t effective. The most amazing advertising campaign in the world won’t produce results if your website isn’t effective to begin with. And the most beautiful website design in the world won’t be effective without quality content and solid, intuitive navigation structure.

Our approach when working with clients is simple: To provide solutions that are Comprehensive, Connected, and Cost Effective. We call them “The Three C’s.”

We have worked with a diverse group of clients including not-for-profit organizations, educational and health care institutions, service providers and consultants, national manufacturers and retailers, real estate companies, restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as media companies.

We draw on our extensive in-the-trenches experience to provide clients with best practices that fit both the needs of their consumers as well as the resources of their business.

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