By now you know that when it comes to digital marketing, the old saying of “If you build it, they will come” just isn’t true.

Simply having a website, Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts, or the best email service provider on the market doesn’t solve the basic need of growing your business.

And as a business owner it is often difficult to find the time to update your website much less figure out the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy. That’s where we come in.

B2T Digital specializes in bringing together digital solutions to grow your business. Our mission is to provide clients with comprehensive, connected and cost-effective solutions to successfully market their businesses online.

Here are a few of the ways clients have chosen to work with us. For more information contact us for a customized package.

Full Service Project Based Management
Soup to nuts, this is our most comprehensive approach to transforming how you market and grow your business. We take clients from strategy to implementation.This is our most common way of working with clients. It is the most valuable both in terms of financial investment, but also because it allows us to create an entire program that fits The Three C’s-of being comprehensive, connected and cost-effective.

All of the parts drive toward the one strategic whole.

This type of service includes 3 Phases:

Branding & Strategy

  • digital branding (rebranding)
  • strategic goals
  • brand guidelines
  • design
  • content development (mission & message)

Development & Implementation

  • website (re)design & development
  • social media (re)design & development
  • social integration
  • analytics integration
  • marketing budget recommendation
  • create, place and manage advertising

Management & Reporting

  • digital pr services
  • social media management
  • search engine marketing management
  • display advertising management
  • content creation
  • website maintenance
  • monthly reporting
Some clients chose to focus on a specific project or groups of projects, such as rebranding, website redesign and establishing a marketing strategy.When working with clients on a specific project, we build toward a future that may or may not include us. Meaning, we don’t want clients to feel unnecessarily tied to us (or anyone outside of their own business for that matter).
We create the foundation, strategy, roadmap and digital environment that clients can then take over and manage themselves if they choose.

This type of service may include:

  • digital branding
  • developing strategic vision
  • website development and design
  • creating brand story, style sheet and messaging guidelines
  • launching new products/services
  • marketing strategy
This is typically the last stop in our full service approach. We do occasionnaly work with clients on just this piece.Typically, these clients are in advanced stages of development with their overall digital marketing strategy, have a strong foundation and need to focus on innovation and implementation across platforms.

This type of service may include:

  • creating, placing and managing display advertising campaigns
  • SEM
  • digital pr services
  • social media management
  • press release creation and distribution
  • content creation for website, blogs, newsletters
  • reputation management



Every client is different and we look forward to the opportunity to find the best working relationship. Contact us today to start the conversation.